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Update (3/1/2018): HB 509 did not cross over in it's second year, so it's effectively dead. Bad news: It's being tried in 15 other states. We will move this alert to archives later this year; it's no longer active in Georgia.


Concern is growing about Georgia House Bill 509.  This bill would require blocking technology in all Internet-connected devices sold in Georgia.  The title of the bill is the "Human Trafficking Prevention Act" but the requirements and remedies seem to have little to do with human trafficking. Key provisions and problems:

The "Human Trafficking Prevention Act" is part of a nationwide effort to enact legislation in all 50 states rather than coordinate a unified effort in federal law. The law treats ALL adult content as a demerit good that should be taxed, with no privacy protection for those willing to pay the fee. The blocking technology, once implemented, could quickly and easily be repurposed to block First-Amendment protected speech including political speech.

In Georgia, House Bill 509 was accompanied by non-binding House Resolution 447, which appears to be an anti-adult content manifesto and belies the true motivations of the authors of the bill.

This bill cannot be passed before the 2018 session because it did not make it by Crossover Day. It requires an accompanying state constitutional amendment to be voted on in a referendum in order to be in effect. The proposed start date in the text of the bill is January 1, 2019.

Sponsors of the bill include:

Electronic Frontiers Georgia will be watching this bill and continuing to express concern as developments warrant. Check to determine who your STATE representative is if you wish to express concern to your elected representative.