On March 22nd, the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee voted in this version of SB 315, changing 'and' to 'or' on line 18, and rejecting this amendment which would have substantially expanded protections for threat research including non-commercial volunteer research.

EFGA is opposed to rejection of the amendment and will continue to fight the bill.  EFGA was unable to secure broad protections needed to give confidence to the entire security research community, so that they may continue to have a "safe space" to operate in.

The rejected amendment lost by a very close vote, 7-5, which entitles the losing party to a "minority report" (not related to the movie) which will give a sympathetic representative up to 20 minutes to argue in favor of amending or killing the bill that came out of committee on the floor before the floor vote.

EFGA is currently seeking information to help support amending or killing SB 315 in a floor debate. If you can contribute information on the total value of our information security industry in Georgia, or any supportive and helpful "war stories", please contact us.

EFGA continues to have great concern that SB 315 will be used as an intimidation method to suppress public vulnerability disclosure, and will create broad chilling effects in the area of threat research.